Our Samaj

Sri Ram Samaj was founded in the year 1954, mainly to celebrate Sri Rama Navami every year in a grand manner and to serve people & Society by way of Bharath culture

The same was registered in the year 1958 Feb (S/14).

Programme » Daily

Daily morning 6.00 am arthi to Lord Sri Rama & Hanumar is performed.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam :

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Slokam is chanted every evening 5.00 p.m, preceded by a Pooja to Lord Rama and Hannumar along with dhoopa,deepa, naivedhyam and mahadeeparathanai.

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SRI RAM SAMAJ : Ayodha Aswamedha Maha Mandapam,47, Arya Gowder Road,West Mambalam,Chennai - 600 033.TN, india.
Phone: +91 44 2489 3077/2471 6246, Email : sriramsamaj@gmail.com